Examples of our commitment to education by the South Dakota Daughters of the American Revolution can be seen in schools across our state. You will find our members sitting with a group of children in school classrooms cheerfully reading to the spellbound children gathered around.

The ladies from our South Dakota chapters are found passing out pocket constitutions in classrooms at their local high schools and generously funding school supplies for children in need of those items. We have members who spend months working to supply needy children with school clothing so they can join their classmates with confidence and pride in their appearance.

The concern for excellence in education does not stop with children – our members donate snack bags for adult education field trips, and they spend many volunteer hours teaching adults to read and participate in helping adults with handicaps learn the skills to live on their own.

Providing scholarship funds is an important part of our focus on education and Daughters throughout South Dakota contribute to scholarships for students. The awards our chapters present to winners in our essay contests serve as an encouragement to students who have shown dedication in pursuing their education.

Our members partner with local education and literacy groups to add many volunteer hours to enrich each of our communities as we strive to improve lives through education.